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Booknizer can help you organize information about books and authors
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Booknizer is fundamentally a book organizer. However, it can serve a variety of other purposes, like finding new books, comparing different versions of the same title and knowing about a particular author. It supports adding information about different types of books, such as paper books, e-books and audio books.

The program has a nicely designed interface, but due to the complexity that organizing data about books entails, it may not be easy for everyone to use, at least at the beginning. New titles can be added by barcode, title or ISB or imported directly from a folder. You can even enter batches of books using the automatic search to find the files stored in selected folders. It supports most file types that are commonly used for books. No matter how advantageous this feature may seem, perhaps the main advantage of this program is that it automatically downloads information about authors and books, using such Internet databases as Amazon, Fantastic Fiction and Good Reads.

It also provides several ways to find the desired book. You may prefer, for instance, to browse the collection using the tree-like genres filters. Moreover, you can also search by books or authors as well as by keywords. Another feature you may probably love is the loan manager, which allows you to keep track of the books you lend by storing information about the borrower and the return date. It also has various ways to export electronic data; for example, you can transfer e-books to a reader device or use the built-in player to listen to audio books. Finally, you can create reports of your book collection and print them on paper.

In general, Booknizer is an excellent application. Although it could take some time for you to learn about all its features, you will probably be using at least its basic functions with no difficulty from the start. However, I would have liked it to support scanning paper books to digitalize them.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports various types of books, including paper and electronic ones.
  • It downloads information about books and authors from Internet databases.
  • It provides several ways to find a book


  • It can be a little difficult to use at first.
  • It does not allow adding books directly from the scanner
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